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Apex Revival EarringsApex Revival Earrings
Apex Revival Earrings Sale price$225.00
Basilica Revival EarringsBasilica Revival Earrings
Basilica Revival Earrings Sale price$295.00
Zuni Bear Fetish With Turquoise HeartlineZuni Bear Fetish With Turquoise Heartline
Celestial Revival EarringsCelestial Revival Earrings
Celestial Revival Earrings Sale price$975.00
Contemporary Concho Belt by Mitchell CalabazaContemporary Concho Belt by Mitchell Calabaza
Desert Rose and Flying Eagle Plateau Bag, c. 1930Desert Rose and Flying Eagle Plateau Bag, c. 1930
Dinah and Pete Gaspar Fetish NecklaceDinah and Pete Gaspar Fetish Necklace
Dinah Gaspar Fetish NecklaceDinah Gaspar Fetish Necklace
Dinah Gaspar Fetish Necklace Sale price$1,950.00
Epoque Revival EarringsEpoque Revival Earrings
Epoque Revival Earrings Sale price$925.00
Fred Harvey Era Cerillos CuffFred Harvey Era Cerillos Cuff
Fred Harvey Era Dual Thunderbird CuffFred Harvey Era Dual Thunderbird Cuff
Fred Harvey Era Mixed Stamp CuffFred Harvey Era Mixed Stamp Cuff
Fred Harvey Era Thunderbird Motif CuffFred Harvey Era Thunderbird Motif Cuff
Fred Harvey Pendant Revival NecklaceFred Harvey Pendant Revival Necklace
Fred Harvey Style Souvenir Spoon
Fred Harvey Style Souvenir Spoon
Fred Harvey Style Souvenir Spoon
Heyday Revival EarringsHeyday Revival Earrings
Heyday Revival Earrings Sale price$525.00
Jennifer Curtis Concho Belt with Bisbee Turquoise BuckleJennifer Curtis Concho Belt with Bisbee Turquoise Buckle
Jet Bear Fetish
Jet Bear Fetish Sale price$135.00
Lorraine Long Vintage Hair Clip
Painted Horse Plateau Bag, c. 1950Painted Horse Plateau Bag, c. 1950
Repurposed Concho EarringsRepurposed Concho Earrings
Repurposed Concho Earrings Sale price$425.00
Sold outRepurposed Zuni Inlay EarringsRepurposed Zuni Inlay Earrings
Sold outSanctuary Revival EarringsSanctuary Revival Earrings
Sanctuary Revival Earrings Sale price$350.00
Sold outSonora Belt Buckle On Vintage LeatherSonora Belt Buckle On Vintage Leather
Vintage #8 Turquoise Concho BeltVintage #8 Turquoise Concho Belt
Sold outVintage #8 Turquoise Ring - Size 7Vintage #8 Turquoise Ring - Size 7
Vintage 1930's Era Concho BeltVintage 1930's Era Concho Belt
Vintage 1930's Era Concho Belt Sale price$4,250.00
Vintage 1950's Letter Opener
Vintage 1950's Pin
Vintage 1950's Pin Sale price$475.00
Vintage Navajo 8 Stone Ring - Size 7Vintage Navajo 8 Stone Ring - Size 7
Vintage 8 Stone Ring - Size 8Vintage 8 Stone Ring - Size 8
Vintage Azurite Zuni FetishVintage Azurite Zuni Fetish
Vintage Azurite Fetish Sale price$390.00
Vintage Baby CuffVintage Baby Cuff
Vintage Baby Cuff Sale price$335.00
Vintage Navajo Spoon, c. 1950Vintage Navajo Spoon, c. 1950
Vintage Baby Spoon, c. 1950 Sale price$225.00
Vintage Battery Bird NecklaceVintage Battery Bird Necklace
Vintage Battery Bird Necklace Sale price$1,650.00
Vintage Bell Earrings On Updated Wire HooksVintage Bell Earrings On Updated Wire Hooks
Vintage Bennet BoloVintage Bennet Bolo
Vintage Bennet Bolo Sale price$795.00
Vintage Bloom EarringsVintage Bloom Earrings
Vintage Bloom Earrings Sale price$795.00
The In Bloom Petit Point Bolo Tie, c. 1960'sThe In Bloom Petit Point Bolo Tie, c. 1960's
Vintage Blue Gem Pin
Vintage Blue Gem Pin Sale price$320.00
Vintage Blue Gem Turquoise CuffVintage Blue Gem Turquoise Cuff
Vintage Boa CuffVintage Boa Cuff
Vintage Boa Cuff Sale price$750.00
Vintage Navajo Bolo Tie, c. 1970'sVintage Navajo Bolo Tie, c. 1970's
Vintage Bolo Tie, c. 1970's Sale price$725.00
Vintage Bolo, c. 1950'sVintage Bolo, c. 1950's
Vintage Bolo, c. 1950's Sale price$1,600.00
Vintage Buckle and Belt with Sterling AdornmentsVintage Buckle and Belt with Sterling Adornments
Vintage Candelabra EarringsVintage Candelabra Earrings
Vintage Candelabra Earrings Sale price$1,200.00