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Leo Feeney

Prescott, AZ

Leo Feeney, the son of a Navy dad, traveled the country as a child, spending most of his childhood in Key West, Florida before graduating high school in Pennsylvania. It was a silversmith teacher at a community college who developed Feeney's interest in making fine jewelry. As the teacher's apprentice Feeney learned to master the techniques that would later serve him well in a life-long career as a successful fine jeweler.

A trip to the Southwest set him on his path, both personal and professional: Feeney met his wife at Havasupai Village deep in the Grand Canyon while both were passing through and the many shops in Flagstaff introduced him to the styles and stones of Southwestern jewelry.

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Leo Feeney Arizona EarringsLeo Feeney Arizona Earrings
Leo Feeney Arizona Earrings Sale price$325.00
Leo Feeney Coral Row EarringsLeo Feeney Coral Row Earrings
Leo Feeney Ojai EarringsLeo Feeney Ojai Earrings
Leo Feeney Ojai Earrings Sale price$395.00
Leo Feeney Dot Post EarringsLeo Feeney Dot Post Earrings
Leo Feeney Perspectives Ring - Size 8 1/2Leo Feeney Perspectives Ring - Size 8 1/2
Leo Feeney Rainmaker Ring - Size 8Leo Feeney Rainmaker Ring - Size 8
Leo Feeney Mojave Ring - Size 7 1/2Leo Feeney Mojave Ring - Size 7 1/2
Leo Feeney Turquoise Ring - Size 8Leo Feeney Turquoise Ring - Size 8
Leo Feeney Ring - Size 9Leo Feeney Ring - Size 9
Leo Feeney Ring - Size 9 Sale price$475.00
Leo Feeney Santiago EarringsLeo Feeney Santiago Earrings
Leo Feeney Spiny Oyster EarringsLeo Feeney Spiny Oyster Earrings
Leo Feeney Green Glow EarringsLeo Feeney Green Glow Earrings
Leo Feeney Autumn EarringsLeo Feeney Autumn Earrings
Leo Feeney Autumn Earrings Sale price$350.00
Leo Feeney Turquoise EarringsLeo Feeney Turquoise Earrings
Leo Feeney Southwest EarringsLeo Feeney Southwest Earrings
Leo Feeney Multi Stone EarringsLeo Feeney Multi Stone Earrings
Leo Feeney Orion CuffLeo Feeney Orion Cuff
Leo Feeney Orion Cuff Sale price$675.00
Leo Feeney Red Coral CuffLeo Feeney Red Coral Cuff
Leo Feeney Red Coral Cuff Sale price$795.00
Leo Feeney Sleeping Beauty Turquoise CuffLeo Feeney Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cuff