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Bird + Arrow

Bird + Arrow

Bird + Arrow, our modern expression of the ancient art of inlay, captures clean lines of .925 sterling silver in geometric and playful motifs. Carefully-sourced turquoise, spiny oyster, opal, onyx, and lapis bring color, and sometimes sparkle, into the picture. Designed in house, the collection is offered in men’s and women's sizes and styles in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and pins.

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Calypso Earrings - TurquoiseCalypso Earrings - Turquoise
Calypso Earrings - OnyxCalypso Earrings - Onyx
Calypso Earrings - Onyx Sale price$155.00
Calypso Earrings - OpalCalypso Earrings - Opal
Calypso Earrings - Opal Sale price$290.00
Starlight Tennis BraceletStarlight Tennis Bracelet
Starlight Tennis Bracelet Sale price$695.00
Eaton Tennis BraceletEaton Tennis Bracelet
Eaton Tennis Bracelet Sale price$395.00
Moon and Star Tennis BraceletMoon and Star Tennis Bracelet
Montauk Tennis BraceletMontauk Tennis Bracelet
Montauk Tennis Bracelet Sale price$295.00
Heart Tennis BraceletHeart Tennis Bracelet
Heart Tennis Bracelet Sale price$395.00
Double Bloom RingDouble Bloom Ring
Double Bloom Ring Sale price$225.00
Inlay Flower RingInlay Flower Ring
Inlay Flower Ring Sale priceFrom $105.00
Heart Ring - Green TurquoiseHeart Ring - Green Turquoise
Aria Ring - OpalAria Ring - Opal
Aria Ring - Opal Sale price$120.00
Aria Ring - TurquoiseAria Ring - Turquoise
Aria Ring - Turquoise Sale price$130.00
Heart Ring - OpalHeart Ring - Opal
Heart Ring - Opal Sale price$125.00
Heart Ring - OnyxHeart Ring - Onyx
Heart Ring - Onyx Sale price$68.00
Paradigm Ring - Coral
Paradigm Ring - Coral Sale price$295.00
Paradigm Ring - Turquoise
Paradigm Ring - Turquoise Sale price$295.00
Estrella Ring
Estrella Ring Sale price$225.00
Paradigm Ring - Malachite
Paradigm Ring - Malachite Sale price$295.00
Landscape Ring - Coral
Landscape Ring - Coral Sale price$275.00
Landscape Ring - Turquoise
Landscape Ring - Turquoise Sale price$275.00
Landscape Ring - Opal
Landscape Ring - Opal Sale price$275.00
Turquoise Inlay Hair ClipTurquoise Inlay Hair Clip
Turquoise Inlay Hair Clip Sale price$135.00
Turquoise Inlay Hair Clip
Turquoise Inlay Hair Clip Sale price$120.00
Turquoise Cross RingTurquoise Cross Ring
Turquoise Cross Ring Sale price$132.00
Green Turquoise Cross RingGreen Turquoise Cross Ring
Green Turquoise Cross Ring Sale price$132.00
Onyx Cross RingOnyx Cross Ring
Onyx Cross Ring Sale price$118.00
Malachite Nebula RingMalachite Nebula Ring
Malachite Nebula Ring Sale price$89.00
Onyx Nebula RingOnyx Nebula Ring
Onyx Nebula Ring Sale price$72.00
Spiny Oyster Dot Ring - multiple sizesSpiny Oyster Dot Ring - multiple sizes
Spiny Oyster Dot Ring Sale price$66.00
Lapis Dot Ring - multiple sizesLapis Dot Ring - multiple sizes
Lapis Dot Ring Sale price$66.00
Onyx Dot Ring - multiple sizesOnyx Dot Ring - multiple sizes
Onyx Dot Ring Sale price$66.00
Coral Stellar Ring - multiple sizesCoral Stellar Ring - multiple sizes
Coral Stellar Ring Sale price$66.00
Onyx Stellar Ring - multiple sizesOnyx Stellar Ring - multiple sizes
Onyx Stellar Ring Sale price$66.00
Lapis Stellar Ring - multiple sizesLapis Stellar Ring - multiple sizes
Lapis Stellar Ring Sale price$66.00
Coral Eternity Band - multiple sizes
Coral Eternity Band Sale price$66.00
Turquoise Nebula RingTurquoise Nebula Ring
Turquoise Nebula Ring Sale price$99.00
Stellar Ring - multiple sizes
Ocean Ring
Ocean Ring Sale price$195.00
Dos Flores Ring - multiple sizesDos Flores Ring - multiple sizes
Dos Flores Ring Sale price$295.00
Lapis Nimbus Ring - multiple sizesLapis Nimbus Ring - multiple sizes
Lapis Nimbus Ring Sale price$175.00
Onyx Infinity Band - multiple sizesOnyx Infinity Band - multiple sizes
Onyx Infinity Band Sale price$88.00
Onyx Nimbus Ring - multiple sizesOnyx Nimbus Ring - multiple sizes
Onyx Horseshoe Ring - multiple sizesOnyx Horseshoe Ring - multiple sizes
Onyx Horseshoe Ring Sale price$128.00
Star Ring - OpalStar Ring - Opal
Star Ring - Opal Sale price$186.00
Star Ring - TurquoiseStar Ring - Turquoise
Star Ring - Turquoise Sale price$195.00
Band of Stones Ring - multiple sizesBand of Stones Ring - multiple sizes
Band of Stones Ring Sale price$140.00
Turquoise Flower Ring - multiple sizesTurquoise Flower Ring - multiple sizes