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Jock Favour

Jock Favour

Prescott, AZ

Artist Jock Favour is a true master-craftsman. He hand cuts stones and pours his own silver ingot bars to have complete control of his materials. And when he casts a piece, he carves tufa molds that give his jewelry a texture that’s only achieved through this labor-intensive process. 

Favour pays tribute to Native American makers by using these old-world techniques that date back to the early 1900’s. It’s this approach, coupled with his material selection and lifetime of artistry that makes his jewelry special. He’s celebrated for his oxidized silver cuffs, weathered turquoise stones, and colorful mosaic inlays. Each piece manages to feel antique, yet timeless in design. 

Favour lives and works in Arizona. He’s been a maker since he was a child, and he celebrates Southwestern style with his work. Favour takes care to achieve balance in his jewelry and ensures all the materials work in harmony, an attitude shared by many Southwestern artisans.

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Jock Favour Turquoise Dangle Earrings
Jock Favour Tile Ring - Size 7 1/2Jock Favour Tile Ring - Size 7 1/2
Jock Favour Reaching Hands CuffJock Favour Reaching Hands Cuff
Jock Favour Silversmith CuffJock Favour Silversmith Cuff
Jock Favour Alternate Reaching Hands CuffJock Favour Alternate Reaching Hands Cuff
Jock Favour Two Headed Snake CuffJock Favour Two Headed Snake Cuff
Jock Favour Snake Head Cuff Sale price$250.00
Jock Favour Serrated CuffJock Favour Serrated Cuff
Jock Favour Pyramid CuffJock Favour Pyramid Cuff
Jock Favour Pyramids Cuff Sale price$250.00
Jock Favour Prosperity Ring - Size 10Jock Favour Prosperity Ring - Size 10
Jock Favour Prescott Ring - Size 9Jock Favour Prescott Ring - Size 9
Jock Favour Hearth Ring - Size 7 1/4Jock Favour Hearth Ring - Size 7 1/4
Jock Favour Turquoise Pathways Ring - Size 9 1/2Jock Favour Turquoise Pathways Ring - Size 9 1/2
Jock Favour Cross Heart NecklaceJock Favour Cross Heart Necklace
Jock Favour Desert Dweller NecklaceJock Favour Desert Dweller Necklace
Jock Favour Wanderer NecklaceJock Favour Wanderer Necklace
Jock Favour Cardinal Pendant NecklaceJock Favour Cardinal Pendant Necklace
Jock Favour Petroglyph Pendant NecklaceJock Favour Petroglyph Pendant Necklace
Jock Favour Crossroads Mosaic PendantJock Favour Crossroads Mosaic Pendant
Jock Favour Squash Blossom EarringsJock Favour Squash Blossom Earrings
Jock Favour Coin Silver CuffJock Favour Coin Silver Cuff
Jock Favour Sonora CuffJock Favour Sonora Cuff
Jock Favour Sonora Cuff Sale price$250.00
Jock Favour Nature's Embrace CuffJock Favour Nature's Embrace Cuff
Jock Favour Rattlesnake CuffJock Favour Rattlesnake Cuff
Vintage Navajo Bow GuardVintage Navajo Bow Guard
Jock Favour Bow Guard Sale price$2,650.00