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Vintage Navajo Pin
Vintage Navajo Pin Sale price$750.00
Vintage Turquoise RingVintage Turquoise Ring
Vintage Turquoise Ring Sale price$195.00
Vintage Shield RingVintage Shield Ring
Vintage Shield Ring Sale price$625.00
Vintage Baby CuffVintage Baby Cuff
Vintage Baby Cuff Sale price$335.00
Vintage Row CuffVintage Row Cuff
Vintage Row Cuff Sale price$750.00
Vintage Boa CuffVintage Boa Cuff
Vintage Boa Cuff Sale price$750.00
Vintage 1950's Pin
Vintage 1950's Pin Sale price$475.00
Vintage Harry Morgan Pin
Vintage Harry Morgan Pin Sale price$795.00
Vintage Blue Gem Pin
Vintage Blue Gem Pin Sale price$320.00
Vintage Knife Wing Pin
Vintage Knife Wing Pin Sale price$495.00
Dinah Gaspar Fetish NecklaceDinah Gaspar Fetish Necklace
Dinah Gaspar Fetish Necklace Sale price$1,950.00
Dinah and Pete Gaspar Fetish NecklaceDinah and Pete Gaspar Fetish Necklace
Vintage Fauna EarringsVintage Fauna Earrings
Vintage Fauna Earrings Sale price$265.00
Vintage Muse EarringsVintage Muse Earrings
Vintage Muse Earrings Sale price$1,125.00
Vintage Cheval Twist Post EarringsVintage Cheval Twist Post Earrings
Vintage Ojo Clip On EarringsVintage Ojo Clip On Earrings
Vintage Candelabra EarringsVintage Candelabra Earrings
Vintage Candelabra Earrings Sale price$1,200.00
Vintage Fetish NecklaceVintage Fetish Necklace
Vintage Fetish Necklace Sale price$2,200.00
Vintage Overlook CuffVintage Overlook Cuff
Vintage Overlook Cuff Sale price$1,100.00
Vintage Arrow Stamp CuffVintage Arrow Stamp Cuff
Vintage Arrow Stamp Cuff Sale price$750.00
Vintage Royston CuffVintage Royston Cuff
Vintage Royston Cuff Sale price$3,250.00
Vintage Colinas CuffVintage Colinas Cuff
Vintage Colinas Cuff Sale price$1,800.00
Vintage Turquoise NecklaceVintage Turquoise Necklace
Vintage Turquoise Necklace Sale price$3,200.00
Vintage Desert Pearl NecklaceVintage Desert Pearl Necklace
Vintage Desert Pearl Necklace Sale price$1,500.00
Vintage Wreath NecklaceVintage Wreath Necklace
Vintage Wreath Necklace Sale price$3,950.00
Vintage Inlay Pin
Vintage Inlay Pin Sale price$850.00
Vintage Daisy Pin
Vintage Daisy Pin Sale price$1,050.00
Vintage Foothills NecklaceVintage Foothills Necklace
Vintage Foothills Necklace Sale price$695.00
Vintage Dancer BoloVintage Dancer Bolo
Vintage Dancer Bolo Sale price$895.00
Vintage Laurel NecklaceVintage Laurel Necklace
Vintage Laurel Necklace Sale price$2,950.00
Vintage Silver Collar Tips
Vintage Silver Collar Tips Sale price$435.00
Vintage Coral And Turquoise Belt Buckle
Vintage Marigold Pin
Vintage Marigold Pin Sale price$1,250.00
Vintage Crossbow Tie Bar
Vintage Crossbow Tie Bar Sale price$825.00
Vintage Green Turquoise RingVintage Green Turquoise Ring
Vintage Peak RingVintage Peak Ring
Vintage Peak Ring Sale price$475.00
Vintage Cholla RingVintage Cholla Ring
Vintage Cholla Ring Sale price$125.00
Vintage Marigold RingVintage Marigold Ring
Vintage Marigold Ring Sale price$595.00
Vintage Chamiso RingVintage Chamiso Ring
Vintage Chamiso Ring Sale price$800.00
Vintage 1950's Letter Opener
Vintage Bird Pin
Vintage Bird Pin Sale price$495.00
Fred Harvey Pendant Revival NecklaceFred Harvey Pendant Revival Necklace
Vintage Transformation Ring - Size 5Vintage Transformation Ring - Size 5
Heyday Revival EarringsHeyday Revival Earrings
Heyday Revival Earrings Sale price$525.00
Summit Revival EarringsSummit Revival Earrings
Summit Revival Earrings Sale price$395.00
Bloom Revival EarringsBloom Revival Earrings
Bloom Revival Earrings Sale price$395.00
Apex Revival EarringsApex Revival Earrings
Apex Revival Earrings Sale price$225.00
Epoque Revival EarringsEpoque Revival Earrings
Epoque Revival Earrings Sale price$925.00