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Stelio Sale price$0.00
PB23B284 Sale price$0.00
Quartz Bear Fetish
Quartz Bear Fetish Sale price$125.00
Big Bear Fetish
Big Bear Fetish Sale price$125.00
Aldrich Art Taos Bear Pendant
Aldrich Art Taos Bear Pendant Sale price$1,200.00
Charlene Reano Post EarringsCharlene Reano Post Earrings
Vintage Snowfall EarringsVintage Snowfall Earrings
Vintage Snowfall Earrings Sale price$155.00
Janalee Reano Inlay EarringsJanalee Reano Inlay Earrings
Aldrich Art Lakeside EarringsAldrich Art Lakeside Earrings
Janalee Reano Circle Post EarringsJanalee Reano Circle Post Earrings
Leo Feeney Cityscape EarringsLeo Feeney Cityscape Earrings
Stephanie Medina Jacla EarringsStephanie Medina Jacla Earrings
Janalee Reano Raindrop EarringsJanalee Reano Raindrop Earrings
Charlene Reano Square Post EarringsCharlene Reano Square Post Earrings
Vintage Floral EarringsVintage Floral Earrings
Vintage Floral Earrings Sale price$650.00
Vintage Mineshaft EarringsVintage Mineshaft Earrings
Vintage Mineshaft Earrings Sale price$155.00
Vintage Sun-Face EarringsVintage Sun-Face Earrings
Vintage Sun-Face Earrings Sale price$425.00
Vintage Moondance EarringsVintage Moondance Earrings
Vintage Moondance Earrings Sale price$320.00
Vintage Wheel EarringsVintage Wheel Earrings
Vintage Wheel Earrings Sale price$595.00
Vintage Turquoise Earrings, c. 1960'sVintage Turquoise Earrings, c. 1960's
Vintage Knife-Wing EarringsVintage Knife-Wing Earrings
Vintage Knife-Wing Earrings Sale price$195.00
Vintage Oasis EarringsVintage Oasis Earrings
Vintage Oasis Earrings Sale price$250.00
Vintage Star Pin, c. 1950's
Vintage Star Pin, c. 1950's Sale price$425.00
Vintage Medicine Box With Turquoise CenterVintage Medicine Box With Turquoise Center
Vintage Green Turquoise Pin
Vintage Green Turquoise Pin Sale price$595.00
Vintage Sun Face Pendant
Vintage Sun Face Pendant Sale price$395.00
Vintage Blue Gem RingVintage Blue Gem Ring
Vintage Blue Gem Ring Sale price$650.00
Vintage Fox Turquoise RingVintage Fox Turquoise Ring
Vintage Fox Turquoise Ring Sale price$395.00
Vintage Turquoise Zia RingVintage Turquoise Zia Ring
Vintage Turquoise Zia Ring Sale price$295.00
Vintage Turquoise Ring With StampingVintage Turquoise Ring With Stamping
Vintage Green Turquoise Shield Ring - Size 8Vintage Green Turquoise Shield Ring - Size 8
Leo Feeney Eden RingLeo Feeney Eden Ring
Leo Feeney Eden Ring Sale price$595.00
Leo Feeney Sonora RingLeo Feeney Sonora Ring
Leo Feeney Sonora Ring Sale price$495.00
Leo Feeney Luna RingLeo Feeney Luna Ring
Leo Feeney Luna Ring Sale price$495.00
Kim Somers Turquoise Cross Pendant
Kim Somers Cross Pendant
Kim Somers Cross Pendant Sale price$595.00
Kim Somers True Faith Pendant
Midsummer BraceletMidsummer Bracelet
Midsummer Bracelet Sale price$265.00
Corvus BraceletCorvus Bracelet
Corvus Bracelet Sale price$295.00
Charcoal BraceletCharcoal Bracelet
Charcoal Bracelet Sale price$295.00
Vintage Cerillos Cuff, c. 1920'sVintage Cerillos Cuff, c. 1920's
Vintage Turquoise Dot Row CuffVintage Turquoise Dot Row Cuff
Vintage Triangle Wire CuffVintage Triangle Wire Cuff
Vintage Triangle Wire Cuff Sale price$1,050.00
Vintage Four Corners CuffVintage Four Corners Cuff
Vintage Four Corners Cuff Sale price$725.00
Vintage Harvey Era CuffVintage Harvey Era Cuff
Vintage Harvey Era Cuff Sale price$395.00
Vintage Mixed Turquoise CuffVintage Mixed Turquoise Cuff
Adriatic Stud EarringsAdriatic Stud Earrings
Adriatic Stud Earrings Sale price$60.00
Jock Favour Serif NecklaceJock Favour Serif Necklace
Jock Favour Serif Necklace Sale price$1,100.00