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Karl Kee Nataani

Karl Kee Nataani


Karl Kee Nataani was born in Farmington, New Mexico. He comes from a long line of famous artists. He remains a self-taught artist, finding inspiration in the old concha designs (translates from the word “snail”). His first jewelry-making started in the 1970's in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he made squash blossom necklaces. Today, he incorporates traditional and non-traditional materials, unique designs, and innovative techniques.

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Karl Nataani Classic Turquoise Triangle Wire CuffKarl Nataani Classic Turquoise Triangle Wire Cuff
Karl 'Kee' Nataani Chaco CuffKarl 'Kee' Nataani Chaco Cuff
Karl Kee Nataani CuffKarl Kee Nataani Cuff