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Vintage Overlook CuffVintage Overlook Cuff
Vintage Overlook Cuff Sale price$1,100.00
Vintage Arrow Stamp CuffVintage Arrow Stamp Cuff
Vintage Arrow Stamp Cuff Sale price$750.00
Vintage Royston CuffVintage Royston Cuff
Vintage Royston Cuff Sale price$3,250.00
Vintage Colinas CuffVintage Colinas Cuff
Vintage Colinas Cuff Sale price$1,800.00
Vintage Navajo Row CuffVintage Navajo Row Cuff
Vintage Navajo Row Cuff Sale price$750.00
Vintage Flower Pattern CuffVintage Flower Pattern Cuff
Vintage Flower Pattern Cuff Sale price$900.00
Vintage Lone Mountain Cuff, c. 1960'sVintage Lone Mountain Cuff, c. 1960's
Fred Harvey Era Thunderbird Motif CuffFred Harvey Era Thunderbird Motif Cuff
Fred Harvey Era Dual Thunderbird CuffFred Harvey Era Dual Thunderbird Cuff
Vintage Navajo Turquoise Row Cuff, c. 1950'sVintage Navajo Turquoise Row Cuff, c. 1950's
Vintage Split Shank Turquoise Cuff, c. 1940'sVintage Split Shank Turquoise Cuff, c. 1940's
Vintage Fred Harvey Era Turquoise CuffVintage Fred Harvey Era Turquoise Cuff
Vintage Fred Harvey Era Turquoise CuffVintage Fred Harvey Era Turquoise Cuff
Vintage Fred Harvey Era Turquoise CuffVintage Fred Harvey Era Turquoise Cuff
Vintage Navajo Turquoise Cuff, c. 1980'sVintage Navajo Turquoise Cuff, c. 1980's
Vintage Blue Gem Turquoise CuffVintage Blue Gem Turquoise Cuff
Vintage Zuni Cluster CuffVintage Zuni Cluster Cuff
Vintage Zuni Cluster Cuff Sale price$1,825.00
Vintage Silver and Turquoise Traveler's CuffVintage Silver and Turquoise Traveler's Cuff
Vintage Silver and Turquoise Thunderbird CuffVintage Silver and Turquoise Thunderbird Cuff
Vintage Crossed Arrows CuffVintage Crossed Arrows Cuff
Vintage Crossed Arrows Cuff Sale price$395.00
Fred Harvey Era Mixed Stamp CuffFred Harvey Era Mixed Stamp Cuff
Vintage Carmichael Haloo Inlay CuffVintage Carmichael Haloo Inlay Cuff
Vintage Turquoise CuffVintage Turquoise Cuff
Vintage Turquoise Cuff Sale price$1,575.00
Vintage Fred Harvey Cerillos CuffVintage Fred Harvey Cerillos Cuff
Vintage Navajo Stamped Arrow CuffVintage Navajo Stamped Arrow Cuff
Vintage Stamp CuffVintage Stamp Cuff
Vintage Stamp Cuff Sale price$725.00
Fred Harvey Era Cerillos CuffFred Harvey Era Cerillos Cuff
Vintage Double Row CuffVintage Double Row Cuff
Vintage Double Row Cuff Sale price$895.00
Vintage Turquoise Row CuffVintage Turquoise Row Cuff
Vintage Turquoise Row Cuff Sale price$750.00
Fred Harvey Era Silver Arrow CuffFred Harvey Era Silver Arrow Cuff
Vintage Navajo Cuff LinksVintage Navajo Cuff Links
Vintage Navajo Cuff Links Sale price$225.00
Vintage Zuni Sun Face Cuff LinksVintage Zuni Sun Face Cuff Links
Vintage Zuni Knife Wing Cuff LinksVintage Zuni Knife Wing Cuff Links
Vintage Double Arrow CuffVintage Double Arrow Cuff
Vintage Double Arrow Cuff Sale price$495.00