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Mother's Day Collection

Mother's Day Collection

Celebrate life’s milestones and little moments - Everything you need for moms to be, current moms, dog moms, or even plant moms! Just don’t forget a gift for yourself too.

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Turquoise Eternity Band -  multiple sizesEternity Band
Eternity Band Sale priceFrom $45.00
Infinity BandInfinity Band
Infinity Band Sale priceFrom $95.00
Pecos RingPecos Ring
Pecos Ring Sale priceFrom $105.00
Heart Post EarringsHeart Post Earrings
Heart Post Earrings Sale price$130.00
Celestial EarringsCelestial Earring
Celestial Earrings Sale priceFrom $55.00
Barcelona EarringBarcelona Earring
Barcelona Earrings Sale priceFrom $175.00
Dennis Hogan Triple Flower EarringsDennis Hogan Triple Flower Earrings
Bouquet Stacked RingBouquet Stacked Ring
Bouquet Stacked Ring Sale priceFrom $175.00
Hammered Edge Rounded Hoop EarringsHammered Edge Hoop Earrings
Dennis Hogan Raindrop Earrings - Spiderweb TurquoiseDennis Hogan Raindrop Earrings - Spiderweb Turquoise
Santa Fe BraceletSanta Fe Bracelet
Santa Fe Bracelet Sale priceFrom $525.00
Seasons RingSeasons Ring
Seasons Ring Sale priceFrom $165.00
Sold outZenith Revival EarringsZenith Revival Earrings
Zenith Revival Earrings Sale price$295.00
Sold outDiane EarringsDiane Earrings
Diane Earrings Sale price$275.00
Dennis Hogan Five Flower Earrings - Coral
Joe Eby Teapot Pin
Joe Eby Teapot Pin Sale price$105.00
Azure EarringsAzure Earrings
Azure Earrings Sale price$425.00
Squash Blossom EarringsSquash Blossom Earrings
Squash Blossom Earrings Sale price$125.00
Sold outBubblegum BraceletBubblegum Bracelet
Bubblegum Bracelet Sale price$295.00
June EarringsJune Earrings
June Earrings Sale price$120.00
Leo Feeney Chandelier EarringsLeo Feeney Chandelier Earrings
Leo Feeney Chandelier Earrings Sale price$1,175.00
Leo Feeney August Clip On EarringsLeo Feeney August Clip On Earrings
Ramona Heise Nevada CuffRamona Heise Nevada Cuff
Ramona Heise Nevada Cuff Sale price$695.00
Joe Eby Bunny Pin
Joe Eby Bunny Pin Sale price$95.00
Ramona Heise Flacko Cuff
Ramona Heise Flacko Cuff Sale price$695.00
Repurposed Concho EarringsRepurposed Concho Earrings
Repurposed Concho Earrings Sale price$425.00
Epoque Revival EarringsEpoque Revival Earrings
Epoque Revival Earrings Sale price$925.00
Heyday Revival EarringsHeyday Revival Earrings
Heyday Revival Earrings Sale price$525.00
Vintage Marigold Pin
Vintage Marigold Pin Sale price$1,250.00
Vintage Daisy Pin
Vintage Daisy Pin Sale price$1,050.00
Vintage Foothills NecklaceVintage Foothills Necklace
Vintage Foothills Necklace Sale price$695.00
Vintage Candelabra EarringsVintage Candelabra Earrings
Vintage Candelabra Earrings Sale price$1,200.00
Tranquility EarringsTranquility Earrings
Tranquility Earrings Sale price$75.00
Aquamarine EarringsAquamarine Earrings
Aquamarine Earrings Sale price$75.00
Chelsea EarringsChelsea Earrings
Chelsea Earrings Sale price$75.00
Olive EarringsOlive Earrings
Olive Earrings Sale price$125.00
Dark Seas Pendant
Dark Seas Pendant Sale price$125.00
Clear Skies Pendant
Clear Skies Pendant Sale price$125.00
Lazuli EarringsLazuli Earrings
Lazuli Earrings Sale price$150.00
Gem EarringsGem Earrings
Gem Earrings Sale price$75.00
Aldrich Art Azalea EarringsAldrich Art Azalea Earrings
Aldrich Art Azalea Earrings Sale price$950.00
Aldrich Art Watermelon EarringsAldrich Art Watermelon Earrings
Buffalo EarringsBuffalo Earrings
Buffalo Earrings Sale price$195.00
Mutsu EarringsMutsu Earrings
Mutsu Earrings Sale price$85.00
Azure EarringsAzure Earrings
Azure Earrings Sale price$295.00
Clover RingClover Ring
Clover Ring Sale price$95.00
Galaxy RingGalaxy Ring
Galaxy Ring Sale price$195.00
Blush RingBlush Ring
Blush Ring Sale price$265.00