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Spring Break Collection

Spring Break Collection

Whether your journey takes you to the ocean waves or mountain peaks, don’t forget to bring your jewels with you. Icy blues and luminescent pearls evoke both the waves and snow, seamlessly transitioning you into a new season with style.

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Butterfly RingButterfly Ring
Butterfly Ring Sale price$395.00
Monarch RingMonarch Ring
Monarch Ring Sale price$495.00
Lagoon NecklaceLagoon Necklace
Lagoon Necklace Sale price$250.00
Kyoto BraceletKyoto Bracelet
Kyoto Bracelet Sale price$225.00
Casablanca BraceletCasablanca Bracelet
Casablanca Bracelet Sale price$295.00
Carnelian EarringsCarnelian Earrings
Carnelian Earrings Sale price$325.00
Galaxy EarringsGalaxy Earrings
Galaxy Earrings Sale price$175.00
Soho BraceletSoho Bracelet
Soho Bracelet Sale price$225.00
Caro CuffCaro Cuff
Caro Cuff Sale price$695.00
Bubblegum NecklaceBubblegum Necklace
Bubblegum Necklace Sale price$395.00
Joe Eby Star Cactus PinJoe Eby Star Cactus Pin
Joe Eby Star Cactus Pin Sale priceFrom $95.00
Zula Earrings WhiteZula Earrings White
Zula Earrings White Sale price$425.00
Butterfly Stick Pin
Butterfly Stick Pin Sale price$95.00
Zula Earrings BlueZula Earrings Blue
Zula Earrings Blue Sale price$425.00
Caicos EarringsCaicos Earrings
Caicos Earrings Sale price$135.00
Caicos RingCaicos Ring
Caicos Ring Sale price$150.00
Capri NecklaceCapri Necklace
Capri Necklace Sale price$195.00
Circe BraceletCirce Bracelet
Circe Bracelet Sale price$145.00
Hydra EarringsHydra Earrings
Hydra Earrings Sale priceFrom $350.00
Meridian BraceletMeridian Bracelet
Meridian Bracelet Sale price$160.00
Canyon EarringsCanyon Earrings
Canyon Earrings Sale priceFrom $275.00
Beachwood EarringsBeachwood Earrings
Beachwood Earrings Sale price$125.00
Mulholland EarringsMulholland Earrings
Mulholland Earrings Sale price$140.00
Coldwater EarringsColdwater Earrings
Coldwater Earrings Sale priceFrom $175.00
Ramona Heise Rodeo CuffRamona Heise Rodeo Cuff
Ramona Heise Rodeo Cuff Sale price$550.00
Star Dancer Hoop EarringsStar Dancer Hoop Earrings
Star Dancer Hoop Earrings Sale priceFrom $325.00
El Rey Ring
El Rey Ring Sale price$235.00
Korakia RingKorakia Ring
Korakia Ring Sale priceFrom $195.00
Auric RingAuric Ring
Auric Ring Sale price$145.00
Jetsetter Bracelet
Jetsetter Bracelet Sale price$245.00
Jetsetter Necklace
Jetsetter Necklace Sale price$325.00
Alameda NecklaceAlameda Necklace
Alameda Necklace Sale price$295.00
Sold outShallow Seas Ring - Size 7 1/2Shallow Seas Ring - Size 7 1/2
Lima Ring - Size 7Lima Ring - Size 7
Lima Ring - Size 7 Sale price$595.00
Synchronicity Ring - Size 9Synchronicity Ring - Size 9
Synchronicity Ring - Size 9 Sale price$395.00
Belize Ring - Size 9Belize Ring - Size 9
Belize Ring - Size 9 Sale price$325.00
Winter Ridge Ring - Size 6 1/2Winter Ridge Ring - Size 6 1/2
Aries BraceletAries Bracelet
Aries Bracelet Sale price$325.00
Harmony Hat BandHarmony Hat Band
Harmony Hat Band Sale price$2,800.00
Bouquet Stacked RingBouquet Stacked Ring
Bouquet Stacked Ring Sale priceFrom $175.00
Seasons RingSeasons Ring
Seasons Ring Sale priceFrom $165.00
Butterfly Stud EarringsButterfly Stud Earrings
Butterfly Stud Earrings Sale priceFrom $68.00
Dreamcatcher EarringsDreamcatcher Earrings
Dreamcatcher Earrings Sale priceFrom $165.00
Celine NecklaceCeline Necklace
Celine Necklace Sale price$790.00
Kaylie NecklaceKaylie Necklace
Kaylie Necklace Sale price$395.00
Blanca Pearl BraceletBlanca Pearl Bracelet
Blanca Pearl Bracelet Sale price$150.00
Plata Pearl BraceletPlata Pearl Bracelet
Plata Pearl Bracelet Sale price$150.00
Aqua Blue Pearl BraceletAqua Blue Pearl Bracelet
Aqua Blue Pearl Bracelet Sale price$150.00