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Peyote Bird Originals

Peyote Bird Originals

Designed and built in Santa Fe, New Mexico by our talented design team, our Originals collection reaches deep into our fifty-year history of working with beads. We create new designs almost daily, putting our library of the world’s most unique beads to work. To be sure that there is always something new and interesting for you, our Originals collection moves with the seasons, incorporating the colors and textures of top-quality semiprecious materials, finely crafted glass, and our signature silver, into fresh ideas, colors and combinations. The collection is offered in men’s and women's sizes and styles in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and hatbands.

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Bambarra BraceletBambarra Bracelet
Bambarra Bracelet Sale price$210.00
Oslo BraceletOslo Bracelet
Oslo Bracelet Sale price$90.00
Marquee Bracelet
Marquee Bracelet Sale price$325.00
Hanoi Bracelet
Hanoi Bracelet Sale price$175.00
Atlantis Bracelet
Atlantis Bracelet Sale price$165.00
Dominica Bracelet
Dominica Bracelet Sale price$245.00
Badlands Bracelet
Badlands Bracelet Sale price$275.00
Havana Bracelet
Havana Bracelet Sale price$165.00
Ananda Bracelet
Ananda Bracelet Sale price$95.00
Serenity Bracelet
Serenity Bracelet Sale price$135.00
Budokan Bracelet
Budokan Bracelet Sale price$295.00
Rio Bracelet
Rio Bracelet Sale price$225.00
Del Mar Bracelet
Del Mar Bracelet Sale price$325.00
Point Break Bracelet
Point Break Bracelet Sale price$165.00
Sardinia Bracelet
Sardinia Bracelet Sale price$295.00
St. Tropez Bracelet
St. Tropez Bracelet Sale price$225.00
Showbox Bracelet
Showbox Bracelet Sale price$135.00
Troubador Bracelet
Troubador Bracelet Sale price$225.00
Vipor Bracelet
Vipor Bracelet Sale price$265.00
Jetsetter Bracelet
Jetsetter Bracelet Sale price$245.00
Red Rocks Bracelet
Red Rocks Bracelet Sale price$165.00
Exuma Bracelet
Exuma Bracelet Sale price$165.00
Eleuthera Bracelet
Eleuthera Bracelet Sale price$175.00
Dalhalla Bracelet
Dalhalla Bracelet Sale price$145.00
Jetsetter Necklace
Jetsetter Necklace Sale price$325.00
Lagoon Bracelet
Lagoon Bracelet Sale price$125.00
Bonsai Bracelet
Bonsai Bracelet Sale price$195.00
Alameda NecklaceAlameda Necklace
Alameda Necklace Sale price$295.00
Nebula NecklaceNebula Necklace
Nebula Necklace Sale price$475.00
Ventura NecklaceVentura Necklace
Ventura Necklace Sale price$275.00
Libra BraceletLibra Bracelet
Libra Bracelet Sale price$145.00
Boho BraceletBoho Bracelet
Boho Bracelet Sale price$95.00
Aquarius BraceletAquarius Bracelet
Aquarius Bracelet Sale price$265.00
Virgo BraceletVirgo Bracelet
Virgo Bracelet Sale price$225.00
Aries BraceletAries Bracelet
Aries Bracelet Sale price$325.00
Lumen BraceletLumen Bracelet
Lumen Bracelet Sale price$125.00
Lavender BraceletLavender Bracelet
Lavender Bracelet Sale price$375.00
Meadow BraceletMeadow Bracelet
Meadow Bracelet Sale price$250.00
Poseidon BraceletPoseidon Bracelet
Poseidon Bracelet Sale price$225.00
El Dorado BraceletEl Dorado Bracelet
El Dorado Bracelet Sale price$425.00
Virgo BraceletVirgo Bracelet
Virgo Bracelet Sale price$150.00
Palms BraceletPalms Bracelet
Palms Bracelet Sale price$325.00
Firework BraceletFirework Bracelet
Firework Bracelet Sale price$395.00
Shangri-La NecklaceShangri-La Necklace
Shangri-La Necklace Sale price$295.00
Blaze NecklaceBlaze Necklace
Blaze Necklace Sale price$395.00
Celine NecklaceCeline Necklace
Celine Necklace Sale price$790.00
Blue Nile NecklaceBlue Nile Necklace
Blue Nile Necklace Sale price$395.00
Kaylie NecklaceKaylie Necklace
Kaylie Necklace Sale price$395.00