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Made for the wanderers ready for journeys both epic and intimate. Designed for collectors in search of great silver and the best stones. Our Nomad collection unites free-wheeling Bohemian style with the fine materials and artisanal detail Peyote Bird is known for. Like love at first sight, you’ll know at a glance which pieces fit right into your eclectic, adventuresome outlook.

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T-Bird (sm) Stick PinT-Bird (sm) Stick Pin
T-Bird (sm) Stick Pin Sale price$95.00
Horse Stick PinHorse Stick Pin
Horse Stick Pin Sale price$95.00
Butterfly Stick Pin
Butterfly Stick Pin Sale price$95.00
T-Bird Stick PinT-Bird Stick Pin
T-Bird Stick Pin Sale price$125.00
Moon Stick Pin
Moon Stick Pin Sale price$95.00
Zula Earrings BlueZula Earrings Blue
Zula Earrings Blue Sale price$425.00
Haze RingHaze Ring
Haze Ring Sale price$150.00
Caldera RingCaldera Ring
Caldera Ring Sale price$78.00
Caicos EarringsCaicos Earrings
Caicos Earrings Sale price$135.00
Caicos RingCaicos Ring
Caicos Ring Sale price$150.00
Malia EarringsMalia Earrings
Malia Earrings Sale price$128.00
Echo EarringsEcho Earrings
Echo Earrings Sale price$275.00
Snakes Path RingSnakes Path Ring
Snakes Path Ring Sale price$265.00
Seashore RingSeashore Ring
Seashore Ring Sale price$225.00
Mini Shield RingMini Shield Ring
Mini Shield Ring Sale price$185.00
Blossom Shield RingBlossom Shield Ring
Blossom Shield Ring Sale price$195.00
Cactus Flower RingCactus Flower Ring
Cactus Flower Ring Sale price$125.00
Midsummer Ring
Midsummer Ring Sale price$125.00
Nomad Triangle Row RingNomad Triangle Row Ring
Nomad Triangle Row Ring Sale priceFrom $195.00
Nomad Flight RingNomad Flight Ring
Nomad Flight Ring Sale price$195.00
Vine PinVine Pin
Nomad Vine Pin Sale price$235.00
Owl Stick Pin
Owl Stick Pin Sale price$95.00
Naja Flower PinNaja Flower Pin
Naja Flower Pin Sale price$270.00
Altar RingAltar Ring
Altar Ring Sale price$120.00
Kilim Shield RingKilim Shield Ring
Kilim Shield Ring Sale price$185.00
Repose Shield RingRepose Shield Ring
Repose Shield Ring Sale price$185.00
Rio Grande RingRio Grande Ring
Rio Grande Ring Sale price$225.00
Sunflower Shield RingSunflower Shield Ring
Sunflower Shield Ring Sale price$185.00
Eden Shield Ring
Eden Shield Ring Sale price$185.00
Nomad Shield Ring
Nomad Shield Ring Sale price$185.00
Sedona Shield RingSedona Shield Ring
Sedona Shield Ring Sale price$260.00
Divine Path Ring
Divine Path Ring Sale price$125.00
Bronson Pin
Bronson Pin Sale price$395.00
Bluewing RingBluewing Ring
Bluewing Ring Sale price$450.00
Impression RingImpression Ring
Impression Ring Sale price$250.00
Reflection RingReflection Ring
Reflection Ring Sale price$250.00
Heirloom RingHeirloom Ring
Heirloom Ring Sale price$250.00
Duet RingDuet Ring
Duet Ring Sale price$250.00
June EarringsJune Earrings
June Earrings Sale priceFrom $225.00
Verdon EarringsVerdon Earrings
Verdon Earrings Sale price$150.00
Fraser EarringsFraser Earrings
Fraser Earrings Sale price$150.00
Hydra EarringsHydra Earrings
Hydra Earrings Sale priceFrom $350.00
Piva EarringsPiva Earrings
Piva Earrings Sale price$225.00
Madera EarringsMadera Earrings
Madera Earrings Sale price$225.00
Piñon EarringsPiñon Earrings
Piñon Earrings Sale price$295.00
Laurel Canyon EarringsLaurel Canyon Earrings
Laurel Canyon Earrings Sale price$195.00
Serpent EarringsSerpent Earrings
Serpent Earrings Sale price$135.00
Topanga EarringsTopanga Earrings
Topanga Earrings Sale price$125.00