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Joe Eby

San Antonio, TX

The creative team of Joe and Gina Eby produce a line of quality sterling silver jewelry that is reminiscent of the Navajo-style jewelry of 100 years ago. Joe was raised on the Navajo Nation and began his initial jewelry training while in Gallup, NM. Gina, of Cherokee descent, an artist from an early age, expressed herself through sewing, painting, and most notably sculpting. In the spring of 2015, the Eby’s moved to San Antonio, TX where they enjoy a creative collaboration in silver smithing.

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Joe Eby Little Soul Stick PinJoe Eby Little Soul Stick Pin
Joe Eby Large Snake Pin
Joe Eby Large Snake Pin Sale price$125.00
Joe Eby Guiding Feather Pin
Joe Eby Somber Bird Pin
Joe Eby Somber Bird Pin Sale price$125.00
Joe Eby One Way PinJoe Eby One Way Pin
Joe Eby One Way Pin Sale price$95.00
Joe Eby Rain Cloud PinJoe Eby Rain Cloud Pin
Joe Eby Rain Cloud Pin Sale price$98.00
Joe Eby Knife Wing PinJoe Eby Knife Wing Pin
Joe Eby Knife Wing Pin Sale price$69.00
Joe Eby Lucky Soul Pin
Joe Eby Lucky Soul Pin Sale price$88.00
Joe Eby Arrowhead Pin
Joe Eby Arrowhead Pin Sale price$75.00
Joe Eby Horizon Bird PinJoe Eby Horizon Bird Pin
Joe Eby Horizon Bird Pin Sale price$58.00
Joe Eby Spirit PinJoe Eby Spirit Pin
Joe Eby Spirit Pin Sale price$55.00
Joe Eby Small Serene Serpent Pin