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Vintage Fauna EarringsVintage Fauna Earrings
Vintage Fauna Earrings Sale price$265.00
Vintage Muse EarringsVintage Muse Earrings
Vintage Muse Earrings Sale price$1,125.00
Vintage Cheval Twist Post EarringsVintage Cheval Twist Post Earrings
Vintage Ojo Clip On EarringsVintage Ojo Clip On Earrings
Vintage Candelabra EarringsVintage Candelabra Earrings
Vintage Candelabra Earrings Sale price$1,200.00
Heyday Revival EarringsHeyday Revival Earrings
Heyday Revival Earrings Sale price$525.00
Summit Revival EarringsSummit Revival Earrings
Summit Revival Earrings Sale price$395.00
Bloom Revival EarringsBloom Revival Earrings
Bloom Revival Earrings Sale price$395.00
Apex Revival EarringsApex Revival Earrings
Apex Revival Earrings Sale price$225.00
Epoque Revival EarringsEpoque Revival Earrings
Epoque Revival Earrings Sale price$925.00
Celestial Revival EarringsCelestial Revival Earrings
Celestial Revival Earrings Sale price$975.00
Zenith Revival EarringsZenith Revival Earrings
Zenith Revival Earrings Sale price$295.00
Sanctuary Revival EarringsSanctuary Revival Earrings
Sanctuary Revival Earrings Sale price$350.00
Vintage Petit Point EarringsVintage Petit Point Earrings
Basilica Revival EarringsBasilica Revival Earrings
Basilica Revival Earrings Sale price$295.00
Vintage Mini Cow Bell EarringsVintage Mini Cow Bell Earrings
Vintage Bloom EarringsVintage Bloom Earrings
Vintage Bloom Earrings Sale price$795.00
Renaissance Revival EarringsRenaissance Revival Earrings
Vintage Petit Point Dangle EarringsVintage Petit Point Dangle Earrings
Vintage Morenci Turquoise Necklace And Earring Set, c. 1930'sVintage Morenci Turquoise Necklace And Earring Set, c. 1930's
Vintage Re-Purposed Blue Gem Swirl EarringsVintage Re-Purposed Blue Gem Swirl Earrings
Vintage Re-Purposed Frog EarringsVintage Re-Purposed Frog Earrings
Vintage Re-Purposed Zuni Dangle EarringsVintage Re-Purposed Zuni Dangle Earrings
Vintage Re-Purposed Dangle EarringsVintage Re-Purposed Dangle Earrings
Vintage Green Turquoise EarringsVintage Green Turquoise Earrings
Vintage Zuni Turquoise EarringsVintage Zuni Turquoise Earrings
Vintage Turquoise Earrings Sale price$475.00
Vintage Re-Purposed Petit Point EarringsVintage Re-Purposed Petit Point Earrings
Repurposed Zuni Inlay EarringsRepurposed Zuni Inlay Earrings
Repurposed Concho EarringsRepurposed Concho Earrings
Repurposed Concho Earrings Sale price$425.00
Vintage Turquoise Star Inlay EarringsVintage Turquoise Star Inlay Earrings
Vintage Repurposed Oval Disc EarringsVintage Repurposed Oval Disc Earrings
Vintage Zuni Needlepoint Squash Blossom EarringsVintage Zuni Needlepoint Squash Blossom Earrings