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Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

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Feather On Leather By BuffaloFeather On Leather By Buffalo
Vintage Running Deer Pin
Vintage Running Deer Pin Sale price$295.00
Jennifer Medina Coral Dragonfly EarringsJennifer Medina Coral Dragonfly Earrings
Aldrich Art Isabel EarringsAldrich Art Isabel Earrings
Aldrich Art Isabel Earrings Sale price$325.00
Leo Feeney Coral Row EarringsLeo Feeney Coral Row Earrings
Leo Feeney Autumn EarringsLeo Feeney Autumn Earrings
Leo Feeney Autumn Earrings Sale price$350.00
Dennis Hogan Dual Sided EarringsDennis Hogan Dual Sided Earrings
Red Coral Dangle EarringsRed Coral Dangle Earrings
Red Coral Dangle Earrings Sale price$375.00
Leo Feeney Santiago EarringsLeo Feeney Santiago Earrings
Blaze NecklaceBlaze Necklace
Blaze Necklace Sale price$395.00
Carson BraceletCarson Bracelet
Carson Bracelet Sale price$395.00
Vintage Navajo Coral and Turquoise Ring - size 5 3/4Vintage Navajo Coral and Turquoise Ring - size 5 3/4
Chili Rose Genesis BraceletChili Rose Genesis Bracelet
Chili Rose Genesis Bracelet Sale price$395.00
Chili Rose Yarrow BraceletChili Rose Yarrow Bracelet
Chili Rose Yarrow Bracelet Sale price$395.00
Chili Rose Beaded BraceletChili Rose Beaded Bracelet
Chili Rose Beaded Bracelet Sale price$410.00
Joe Eby Peacock PinJoe Eby Peacock Pin
Joe Eby Peacock Pin Sale price$425.00
Chili Rose Arabella BraceletChili Rose Arabella Bracelet
Vintage Navajo Turkey Pin
Vintage Navajo Turkey Pin Sale price$445.00
Vintage Petit Point Post EarringsVintage Petit Point Post Earrings
Fred Harvey Era Thunderbird PinFred Harvey Era Thunderbird Pin
Dave Chavarria Beaded PouchDave Chavarria Beaded Pouch
Dave Chavarria Beaded Pouch Sale price$495.00
Coral Nugget Post EarringsCoral Nugget Post Earrings
Coral Nugget Post Earrings Sale price$495.00
Dennis Hogan Star CuffDennis Hogan Star Cuff
Dennis Hogan Star Cuff Sale price$495.00
Ramona Heisse Inline CuffRamona Heisse Inline Cuff
Ramona Heise Inline Cuff Sale price$525.00
Dennis Hogan Opal Triad CuffDennis Hogan Opal Triad Cuff
Dennis Hogan Coral Triad CuffDennis Hogan Coral Triad Cuff
Dennis Hogan Siren NecklaceDennis Hogan Siren Necklace
Dennis Hogan Siren Necklace Sale price$545.00
Aaron Lopez Braided Leather BraceletAaron Lopez Braided Leather Bracelet
Vintage Navajo Statement Ring, c. 1940's - Size 8Vintage Navajo Statement Ring, c. 1940's - Size 8
Vintage Repurposed Coral Sunrise EarringsVintage Repurposed Coral Sunrise Earrings
Ramona Heisse Braided Leather CuffRamona Heisse Braided Leather Cuff
Dennis Hogan Crescent Diamond NajaDennis Hogan Crescent Diamond Naja
Rick MontaΓ±o Double Sided Key RingRick MontaΓ±o Double Sided Key Ring
Leo Feeney Orion CuffLeo Feeney Orion Cuff
Leo Feeney Orion Cuff Sale price$675.00
Aldrich Art Mosaic RingAldrich Art Mosaic Ring
Charlie Favour Braided Leather CuffCharlie Favour Braided Leather Cuff
Aldrich Soledad Canyon BraceletAldrich Soledad Canyon Bracelet
Aldrich Soledad Canyon Cuff Sale price$698.00
Vintage Coral Ring - Size 8Vintage Coral Ring - Size 8
Vintage Coral Ring - Size 8 Sale price$750.00
Nila Johnson Coral Ring - Size 11Nila Johnson Coral Ring - Size 11
Rick Montano Stamped Silver Bracelet on LeatherRick Montano Stamped Silver Bracelet on Leather
Aldrich Dog Tag NecklaceAldrich Dog Tag Necklace
Aldrich Dog Tag Necklace Sale price$795.00
Vintage Bennet BoloVintage Bennet Bolo
Vintage Bennet Bolo Sale price$795.00
Leo Feeney Red Coral CuffLeo Feeney Red Coral Cuff
Leo Feeney Red Coral Cuff Sale price$795.00
Dennis Hogan Star Bracelet
Dennis Hogan Star Bracelet Sale price$850.00
Low Tide NecklaceLow Tide Necklace
Low Tide Necklace Sale price$875.00
Ramona Heise Tidepool CuffRamona Heise Tidepool Cuff
Ramona Heise Tidepool Cuff Sale price$900.00
Painted Horse Plateau Bag, c. 1950Painted Horse Plateau Bag, c. 1950
Jock Favour Prescott Ring - Size 9Jock Favour Prescott Ring - Size 9